Student Storage

We're not sure if we thought of it first but we weren't far away. We just thought 'hang on, there are thousands of these students taking their stuff home every holiday. They probably don't want to, and there's probably no-where to put it when they get there'.

So we thought, lets try and offer a service that a student budget can afford - and we think you will find we do.

Pack your boxes (we sell them to students at a discount), give them to us, and then get them back when you need them. And the good thing is, you're storing with an experienced storage company who won't mess you around.

Advice to Students

Step 1

What do you
need to store?

Choose how many boxes do you need to store? (note - you need to use our boxes).

Step 2

Choose your
rental dates

Rental date from:

Rental date to:

Please Note: Storage must start and end on a weekday (not including bank holidays), please check your selection.

Step 3

Select University or College

We offer box pickup and drop off to the following...

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